Karl Schreiner Приложения

Chess for All 2.15
Karl Schreiner
Play chess against the computer or use the program to view, editand save games. Features: * Play against computer * Two-player mode* Computer against computer * Analysis mode * Edit mode * Owndatabase (.pgn-db) * Save, insert, replace and delete a game *Position entry * Clipboard (game or position) * Opening book *Skill level * Chess clock options * PGN Download (Web) * Editingthe PGN tags * Full Chess960 support * Sound effects * Portrait- /landscape mode * User manual Permissions WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: tosave games on the SD card INTERNET: to load PGN files WAKE_LOCK: toblock screen timeout (can be disabled) Source:http://github.com/c4akarl/ChessForAll License: GNU GPL v3
Stockfish Chess 1.19
Karl Schreiner
"Stockfish Chess" is an Android port of the famous chess engine"Stockfish 7".You need a graphical user interface for playingagainst this engine. Please download the application "Chess forAll" from "Google Play Store".
Chess Engines 1.12
Karl Schreiner
"Chess Engines" supports the "Universal Chess Interface" protocol(UCI). Short description:* install/uninstall compiled engines*import an installed engine* display UCI-Options* engine list*option: setting for playing strength(is not supported on allengines) IMPORTANT NOTE: You need a graphical user interface forplaying against this engines. Please download the application"Chess for All" from the "Google Play Store".
Chess for All ONLINE 1.35
Karl Schreiner
features: * play online at freechess.org * view and edit games *save, load and delete files * PGN-Format * full Chess960 support *sound effects * free software Source code is available from myhomepage. Please contact the developer if you have questions orissues, before rating the app low. With an e-mail you can reach thedevelopers directly: select "Menu", "About" and "Contact".
Escalero Dice 1.18
Karl Schreiner
Game features: * dice board * play against the computer * single /double * two / three players * automatic dice operation / resultentry * dice design: eyes / poker / number * variable dice size *display: column / player * variable setting of values (points,unit, bonus) * totals sum or difference calculation * accounting *portrait/landscape mode * flip the screen * save/load games on theSD card * sound effects The advertisement can be switched on / offin the settings. This game is for entertainment only, that is itdoes not provide "real-money gambling" or the chance to win realmoney or prizes.