Thanos Fisherman Apps

WiFi Sherlock - WiFi Finder 1.5.8
WiFi Sherlock helps you discover wifi keysfrom venues around your location (i.e coffee shops, gyms, shoppingcenters etc). Are you near a coffee shop that offers wifi servicesto its customers? WiFi Sherlock will know and give you the wifi key(if there is any). All the keys are shared by USERS so everyone cancontribute from places around the world. Help the database to getbigger and Share WiFi globallyWiFi Sherlock is Tightly intergrated with FOURSQUARE thus it isusing foursquare services to achieve what it does. A lot of effordhas been put into optimizing WiFI Sherlock to always get you themost updated wifi keys in the fastest possible way Unlike similarapps that give you really old outdated content.Try it!
GWPA Finder 5.1.5
This app (formerly known as Greek WPA Finder) was originallyintended for use inside Greece as it can recover default WPA/WPSKeys of specific router brands that are popular within Greece thushelping you test your network security. Nowadays there is anongoing effort to gradually support more routers around the world.If you are not located inside Greece you can still try your luckwith this app but don't be frustrated if it doesn't fully work inyour territory. In case you manage to connect to a network othenthan yours, you have to inform the owner so that he/she changespassword. Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQs here:
Shredometer - Note Counter 2.5
Are you a musician? Are you a metronome freak? You like shredding alot? Then This app is for you! It can calculate how many Notes PerSecond (NPS) you can reach by a given number of bpm (beats perminute). You can now break your own speed limits or compare yourtechnique to others and test your skills! And don't you tell memusic is about taste and feeling and not just speed, I already knowits not a car race but well... whatever if you are curious enough,check it out
YAND - Network Tools 1.0.9
YAND is Yet Another Network Discovery tool in its simplest form.Discover all devices connected to the same WiFi network as you are,detect possible intruders and find out useful informations aboutthese devices. More features will be added soon. Currently inpublic beta state