Capsa Susun online - Chinese Poker & Full house 1.8.5
Capsa Susun, also known Chinese Poker, Lucky13, 13 Cards, is apopular poker card games for Chinese around the world. In this app,player will be given time to arrange 13 cards into certain sets:High Card, Pair, Two Pair, Straight, Flush, Full House, 4 of akind, Straight Flush. If you get your lucky 13 cards, there aremore special cards set with higher bonus. In Capsa Susun Online,you can also play Remi (Indonesia Rummy), slots and other casinogames, you can always find your NO.1 GAME. Don’t worry, plenty ofFREE coins available in Capsa Susun Online, login every day, enjoyrich and smooth gameplay experience. Want to play with friends? Noproblem! We also prepare friend system and tourney, beat millionsof player with your friends, wether it’s SNG or MTT, you will beatthem all to get the ultimate prize. Come and play Capsa SusunOnline, ultimate game experience, real gameplay scene, play andfeel the wonder of Home Run! How to Play Capsa Susun: •52 cards(without Joker). A is the strongest, 2 is the smallest •Played by2~4 ( ≥2 players can start game ) • Each player get 13 cards, andarrange into 3 sets of 3 cards (Set 1), 5 cards (Set 2), 5 cards(Set 3). • Lastly, using compare system, each sets will be comparewith your opponent Card Set type: High Card < Pair < Two Pair <Straight < Flush < Full House < 4 of a kind < Straight FlushSpeciality: 1. One of the most popular card game, win non-stop! 2.FREE Download, no register needed, just play against Capsa expert!3. Beat all opponent, raise to top rank, let them challenge you! 4.Non-stop FREE Coins, just play how you like! Keywords:CAPSA SUSUN,FULL HOUSE, CHINESE POKER, LUCKY13, 13 CARD, CASINO If you like ourgames, please give us Stars & Rating! Are you ready? Let’s playCapsa Susun!
Remi Indonesia Online - Indonesia Rummy 1.8.5
Remi, or called Indonesia Rummy, one of popular poker card game inIndonesia and around the world. The goal is to arrange the cardsinto two set of straight flush or same cards. Beside Remi, you cantry other Indonesia popular card game like Gaple, QiuQiu, CapsaSusun, Samgong, 4A, Koprok, Sic Bo and many more. With variousfeatures like invite friends, chat, interactive items that make thegame more fun. Not only fun to play, but you can also make friendsaround the world. Get your millions of FREE COINS every day in RemiOnline, it’s never ending fun! Your friend might already join us,why wait? How to play Remi: Arrange cards in hand in to 2 set ofstraight flush or same card, 1 card will become decision card.Played by 4 players, each player get 7 cards First player take 1card from deck, then throw 1 card that’s not used to the pile.Next player can choose 1 card from deck or pile. After taking 1card, player must throw 1 card to pile, and so on. (Card taken frompile card can only be throw next round) When 1 player succeedarranging cards in hand into straight or same card, that playerwins and game ends. When deck cards used up, and no player succeedarranging cards, game also ends Game characteristic: 1.Various ofgameplay. Not just Remi, try other popular card games. 2.Invitefriend, chat, album, interactive item and emoticon makes playingwith friends more fun. 3.Bank feature, vault, and VIP. Get specialbenefit that’s different from others. 4.Login Bonus, redeem code,bankrupt support. Many ways to get millions of FREE COINS!
Samgong Sakong - free samgong game for indonesia 1.8.5
Samgong also know Sakong or Samyong, a tradisional poker card gamefrom Indonesia, easy to play and addicting! Players compete againstbanker to get higher points but no more than 30 points. Plenty oflocal card games beside Samgong to try, play Gaple, QIUQIU, CapsaSusun, Remi, Adu Kartu, Bandar 99, Koprok, SicBo and many more!Make friends with card players around the world through coolfeatures (Invite friends, Chat, Interactive Items). Collectmillions of FREE COINS every day, and play till you satisfied! Yourfriends might already play it, join Samgong now! How to playSamgong: 52 poker cards played by 1 banker and several players, allplayers play against banker. The goal is ti get cards worth 30points (Samgong). Player place Bet -> Player get 3 cards ->Player can decide to add cards -> When player’s done, then startcomparing cards. Add card rules: Points <21points, player musttake more card; Points more than 21 points, player can decide toadd card or stop; Points more than 30 count as bust Game features:1. Various game play! Indonesia traditional card games that’s asfun as SAMGONG 2. Invite friends, chat, album, interactive item andemoticon, many fun ways to interact with friends 3. Bank and VIP,special privileges for special players 4. Login Bonus, daily code,bankrupt support, millions of never ending FREE COINS!